Administrative Setup

Allocation of Works of Different Branches to Officers
Sl.No Name of the Branches Name of the Branch Officer Name of the Immediate Controlling Officer Controlling Officer
1 Establishment matters, Assembly Questions


A.D.C-II Deputy Commissioner
2 Requisition of Vehicles/Issue of POL etc E.A.C-I Deputy Commissioner
3 Matters relating to Republic Day/Independence day etc E.A.C.-II A.D.C-IV Deputy Commissioner
4 RTI/Ex-Gratia Payment/Workmen Compensation/PRC/Domicile/Senior Citizenship/Income Certificate/Stationery/Assembly Question/maintenance of machine/issue of PRC/Domicile and State award/Identity Cards/Human Rights Commission/CL/and any other matter that may be allotted from time to time. E.A.C-I ADC-IV Deputy Commissioner
5 District Council Matters/Municipal Board/Permission for holding Fete/Public Meetings/Lucy Draw/Borewell/Water BodiesNGT Myntdu Renovation/MSPCB matters/Solid & Liquid Waste Management etc and any other matter that may be allotted from time to time. E.A.C.-I ADC-III Deputy Commissioner
6 Issue of SC/ST/OBC/Unemployment Certificate/Issues & Receipt Matters EAC-II ADC-I Deputy Commissioner
7 Matters relating to All Heads of Departments Verification/Misc matters/Telecom/Digital/NGO/Digital Task Force/Solar Light and any other matter that may be allotted from time to time. E.A.C-I ADC-III Deputy Commissioner
8 Judicial Matters 107/145 CR.P.C Birth certificates/Death Certificate for Tribal/Non-Tribal etc EAC-II ADC-II Deputy Commissioner
9 District Selection Committee   Secretary DSC Deputy Commissioner
10 Confidential Branch Stenographer Deputy Commissioner
11 Nazarath Branch including Circuit House E.A.C-I A.D.C-I Deputy Commissioner
12 Bakijai Branch E.A.C-II ADC-II Deputy Commissioner
13 Arms and Explosiives E.A.C-II ADC-II Deputy Commissioner
14 Election Branch E.A.C-I ADC-II Deputy Commissioner
15 Planning Branch Research Officer DPO Deputy Commissioner
16 Revenue Branch & Revenue Enforcement Branch/Relief matters E.A.C-I(IBBF/Others) A.D.C-I Deputy Commissioner
17 Registration of Societies E.A.C.-II Joint Registrar of Societies Deputy Commissioner
18 Development Branch E.A.C-II  A.D.C-I Deputy Commissioner
19 Registration of Land Documents Sub Registrar District Registrar Deputy Commissioner
20 Excise Branch Superintendent of Excise Deputy Commissioner
21 Housing Branch District Housing Officer Deputy Commissioner
22 Supply Branch Inspector of Supply A.D.C-IV/DDS Deputy Commissioner
23 Treasury Office Treasury Officer Deputy Commissioner
24 Border Areas Development Asst.Director BADO Deputy Commissioner
25 NIC District Informatics Officer Deputy Commissioner
26 DRDA/NRLM/DBMU Project Director Deputy Commissioner
28 ADC Office including SDPO E.A.C-II Deputy Commissioner
27 Revenue and Disaster Management D.D.M.O A.D.C-I Deputy Commissioner
28 National Green Tribunal(NGT) Matters relating to Coal E.A.C-I A.D.C-I Depuy Commissioner
29 Aadhar Enrolment E.A.C-II A.D.C-I Deputy Commissioner
30 e-District/CSC/Any other matters relating to IT Act,e-governance etc e-District Manager Deputy Commissioner
31 MSSDS S.D.O. MSSDS E.A.C-II Deputy Commissioner


    • Shri.P.K.Boro, MCS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner(ADC-I)
    • Smt. D.D.Syngai, MCS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner(ADC-II)
    • Smt. B.Blah, MCS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner(ADC-III)
    • Smt. D.V. Lyngdoh, MCS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner(ADC-IV)
    • Shri. M.A. Challam, MCS, Extra Assistant Commissione(EAC-I)
    • Shri.W. K. Kharbuli, MCS, Extra Assistant Commissioner(EAC-II)