Arms Branch


The Arms Branch is one of the Administrative Branch under Deputy Commissioner’s office. The works of the Branch are governed by the Arms Act, 1959, the Explosives Act 1884, the Petroleum Act 1934 and the Rules framed thereunder.

Name Designation and Email Address of the Officer

  • Shri B.S.Sohliya, IAS,Deputy Commissioner, Jowai. Email Address :– dc-wjh-meg[at]nic[dot]in
  • Smt. D.D. Syngai, MCS,Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Jowai.Email Address :– danida_syngai[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
  • Shri. Wankhraw Kupar Kharbuli, MCS, MCS,Extra Assistant Commissioner, Jowai. Email Address – kuparwkharbuli[at]gmail[dot]com

Functions and Duties of the Officers and staff

The Arms Act empowers the District Magistrate to issue licences in respect of certain categories of arms and ammunitions for

  1. Crop protection
  2. Keeping Sale/Transfer of weapons
  3. Renewal of licences
  4. Permission to purchase arms from outside the state
  5. Realisation of license fees/Renewal fees

All the above categories are done on Online from MHA Website. The District Magistrate is also responsible for administration under the Indian Explosives Act, 1984 and the rules framed thereunder and issue of

  1. Temporary Fireworks licence
  2. N.O.C. for obtaining Explosives licence from the Explosives Department
  3. Permission to use Explosives.

The Petroleum Act 1934 and the rules framed thereunder also rests with the District Magistrate who is responsible for

  1. Issuing and Renewal of S.K. Oil Licences
  2. Issuing of N.O.C. for setting up of Petroleum retail outlet.