Supply Branch is manned by the following Officers and staffs

  1. Deputy commissioner(Supply)Jowai, as the Controlling Officer
  2. Deputy Director of Supply (Vacant)
  3. The Inspector of Supply
  4. 4 (four) Sub-Inspectors of Supply.
  5. The Accountant(Vacant)
  6. The Account Assistant
  7. U.D.Asstt.
  8. 4(four) L.D. Assistants(1 post vacant)
  9. 2(two) Office Peons
  10. Chowkidar.
  11. 3 (Three) Casual Employees.

Supply Branch deal with Targetted Public Distribution System(TPDS) operated under the joint responsibility of the Central and the state Govt. The Central Govt. has taken the responsibility for procurement, storage, transportation and bulk allocation of food grain to the State Government, more than 75% Subsidy on the foodgrains being allotted under NFSA is provided by the Central Government. The responsibility for distributing the same to the consumers through the net work of F.P.Shops rest with the state Govt through the District Authority.

The Deputy Commissioner(Supply) is the Nodal Authority for implementation of TPDS in the District. Foodgrain is lifted from F.C.I. godown by the Government Nominees (Wholesalers) appointed by the State Government. For further distribution to the consumers, the F.P.Shop Dealers are appointed by the Deputy Commissioner(Supply) on the recommendation of the Village Dorbar. Then the foodgrain is sub-allotted to the 219 Fair Price Shops spread all over the District excluding Amlarem Sub-Division. The Commodities distributed beside Rice, are Sugar & S.K. Oil. The distribution through TPDS evolved as a major instrument of the Government’s economic policy for ensuring availability of Food grain to the public at affordable prices as well as for enhancing the food security for the poor. It is an important constituent of the strategy for poverty eradication and is intended to serve as a safety net for them.

Under the Targeted Public Distribution System, families have been classified as follows:

  1. 1 Priority House Hold (PHH)
  2. Poorest of the poor or Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) families
  3. Above Poverty Line or Non-NFSA families

In so far as our District is concerned there are:

SLno Name of the Scheme No. of Household Population
1 PHH 27771 157783
2 AAY 2964 12903
3 NON-NFSA 9485 59805



Slno Name of the Scheme Scale of Issue Rate per Kg/Litre
1 PHH 5kgs per head per month Rs.3.00 per kg
2 AAY 35kgs per household Rs.3.00 per kg
3 Non-NFSA 7kgs per household Rs.8.30 per kg
4 Sugar 1kg per household Rs.30.00 per kg
5 S.K. Oil 2.98 litre From 33.30 to 35.65 per litre

This Office has to keep watch over the function of 11 Nos Petrol pumps and 3Nos of LPG Distributors in the District.Monitoring open market price of Essential commodities.

Further, this office have to lift and distribute the Mid-day Meal for 799 nos of School in this district. Then the F.P.Shop Dealers are to lift and hand over to the respective school within their F.P.S Centre

The functioning of Targeted Public Distribution System was closely monitored by regular inspection made by the Inspecting Staff besides, the Village Vigilance Committee were set up to monitor and review the functioning of the TPDS at Fair Price Shop Level.