Culture & Heritage

Cultural Heritage

West Jaintia Hills District is the home of one of the major tribes of Meghalaya popularly known as the ‘Jaintias’ or the ‘Pnars’ and other sub tribes like the wars, the ‘Bhois’ and the ‘Biates’. Like the Khasis, the Jaintias are believed to be remnants of the first Mongolian overflow into India. They established themselves in their present homeland in the remote past and owi ng primarily to their geographical isolation they succeeded in maintaining their independence until the consolidation of the British administration in this part of India.

Jaintias are a matri lineal society which is a very rare and unique practice where the children take the identity or family title solely from the mother. Women are very lucky in this way, because they a re treated with equal rights but the head of the family is always the father. Amongst the Jaintias, it is the youngest daughter who inherits property and has the obligation to take care and look after the fa mily members incase of any financial or health problems.