General Branch

  • Introduction

    The General Branch is an important branch in the administrative set up of the Deputy Commissioner Office.Establishment branch deals with the maintenance and regulation of the service of the Officers and staff of the Deputy Commissioner’s amalgamated establishment including the Sub-Divisional office and Ministerial staff of the Block offices.

  • Organization Chart
    The Deputy Commissioner is the Head of the branch and is assisted by the Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Extra Assistant Commissioner and Dealing assistants. Matters/Correspondence relating to the branch are routed to the officers as below :-

    Dealing Assistant —–> EAC —–> ADC—–> DC.

  • Name, Designation and E-mail Address of the Officer
    1. Shri Garod. L.S. N. Dykes, IAS
      Deputy Commissioner, Jowai
      Email ID –
    2. Shri. P. K. Boro, MCS
      Additional Deputy Commissioner, Jowai
      Email ID –

    3. Shri. L. Kynjing, MCS
      Additional Deputy Commissioner, Jowai.
      Email ID –
    4. Smt. D. D. Syngai, MCS
      Extra Assistant Commissioner, Jowai
      Email ID –
    5. Shri. M. A. Challam, MCS
      Extra Assistant Commissioner, Jowai.
      Email ID – markchallam
    6. Functions and Duties of the Officers and staffs

      The functions of the General branch are significant as it deals with any subject not specifically allotted to any of the Administrative branches. It functions as a coordinating agency between the activities of the Deputy Commissioner and the Heads of the Govt. Departments g within the District e.g. Health, PHE, Education, Soil Conservation, Social Welfare, MePDCL, Forest, Fisheries, Industries, PWD, etc. It also deal with Public grievances and inquiries (non-confidential). The Branch also deals with the issue of Schedule tribe/Permanent Residential Certificate/Domicile Certificate, Senior certificate/Income Certificate (Online) Law and Order, Ex-gratia payment to accident claim, Award, protocol, permission for Public gatherings rallies, fetes, festival, etc.

      The main function of Establishment Branch is regarding matters relating to appointment/transfer of staff/leave account etc, and also dealing with account matter e.g Pay/ Dearness Allowances/ Travelling Allowances arrear claim/adhoc payment of old claim, permanent advance/Budget Compilation/cash balance balance/yardsticks for sanction of Staff creation/Sanction of post/Interpretation of Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Rules, Assam Financial, Rules and Delegation of Financial Power Rules, Matter relating to Pay committee, Payment of Income Tax, Preparation of Pay bill and Other claims of Government Servants

    7. List of Schemes.There are no schemes dealt by the branch
    8. Particulars of facilities available to the citizens for obtaining informationPIO & APIO have been appointed under RTI Act, 2005