District Statistical Office


A. About the Office.

  • Name and Address of the Office: District Statistical Office, Mynthong, West Jaintia Hills, Jowai.
  • Established: 11. 8 . 1973
  • Contact Number: 03652220752

B. Details of Public Information Officer (PIO)

  • Name: Shri. H.Momin
  • Designation I/c District Statistical Officer
  • Contact Number: 9615558511

C. Details of Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO)

  • Name: Shri S.Syiem
  • Designation: Sub-Inspector of Statistics
  • Contact Number: 8014450808

D. Statistical Manpower.

  • Shri. H.Momin Inspector I/c District Statistical Officer
  • Shri. S.Syiem Sub-Inspector of Statistics
  • Shri. R.Lynshing Primary Investigator
  • Shri. K.Thangkhiew Primary Investigator
  • Smt. M. Lamin Upper Division Assistant
  • Smt. M.Langstang Lower Division Assistant
  • Smt. N.D.Passah Lower Division Assistant
  • Smt. Wansaka Pakma Lower Division Assistant
  • Smt. I.Kharbuli Field Assistant
  • Smt. H.Pyngrope Field Assistant
  • Shri. R.Kyndiah Field Assistant
  • Shri.K.Phanbuh Field Assistant
  • Shri.P.Khongdup Field Assistant
  • Smt. E.Phyllei Peon
  • Smt. M.Pohrmen Peon
  • Shri. E.Suchiang Driver
  • Shri. C.Kharbikhiew Chowkidar

E. Statistical Works.

Types of Statistics Collected – Purpose of Collecting

  • Agricultural Statistics – For collection of data on Area, Production and Yield of different crops.
  • National Sample Survey (NSS) – To collect socio-economic data employing scientific sampling method.
  • Price Statistics – For determination of Price Index of State Level.
  • Publication – To present the essential and factual information concerning the Socio-Economic trend in the District.
  • Housing & Building Construction Statistics – To confirm the new residential units and to know the ratio of residential and non-residential.
  • Building Materials – To collect data on prices of building materials and wages rates of building labour.

DistrF. Schemes.

This Office collects and maintains data on the above mentioned Statistical Works and does not deal with any kind of schemes either state or central.