The District A.H & Veterinary Office


Livestock rearing is an important economic activity in the rural areas contributing to the farmer’s economy.
The A.H & Veterinary Department is responsible in all aspects of Livestock & Poultry Development like production, processing and marketing of Livestock & Poultry and their products, through augmentation of production of milk, meat & eggs. Animal Healthcare services and prevention of animal diseases is a priority for maintenance of a healthy stock for optimum production. The Department is also engaged in providing the required training and extension support to Livestock & Poultry amongst them with consequent generation of employment awareness in rural areas.
Activities of the Department:

  • To provide complete veterinary healthcare services to Livestock & Poultry in the District.
  • To demonstrate the system of farming, management, feeding & breeding of Livestock & Poultry in modern Scientific Animal Husbandry practices.
  • Genetic upgradation of cattle and other Livestock & Poultry by providing Artificial Insemination services and promoting other breeding activities for better production of meat, milk and egg.
  • Adoption and promotion of preventive measures to control major animal diseases in the District through various vaccination programmes conducted in the respective Hospital, Dispensaries and centres etc.
  • To improve the socio-economic condition by providing self employment opportunities to the unemployed youth through implemented of various schemes/programmes.
  • Upgradation of small animals like sheep and goat, pigs through promotion and practice of good breeding and management.
  • Establishment of Dairy, Poultry, Piggery farms etc through private entrepreneurs and by different government schemes.
  • Promotion of scientific Animal Husbandry practices and dissemination of modern Scientific knowledge to the farmers through the Vocational Training Centres and different extension activities in the District.

A network of Vety. Hospitals and Dispensaries manned by qualified veterinarian have been established in the District. These Hospital and Dispensaries besides undertaking treatment of ailing animals and birds, are also taking up preventive measures for controlling of specific diseases through immunization to extend better health coverage. Veterinary Aid Centres, Key Village Centres have been established at convenient locations and are manned by well Trained technical Staffs. There are Mobile Veterinary Dispensaries and Vigilance Unit manned by qualified veterinarian to extend the facilities of Animal Healthcare etc to the rural population.

veterinary diagram