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Write-Up On The Works Pertaining To Jowai Water Supply Scheme

Existing Water Supply Scheme:

  • The original scheme for supply of potable water to Jowai town was commissioned in the year 1980. The original scheme was designed for a period of 30 years with 1974 as the base year and 2004 as the ultimate year.
  • The original scheme which has the provision of direct pumping of water from the run off of the river Myntdu by the pumps installed on the floating steel barge received set back just after it was commission as the floating steel barge was wash away by the devastating flood of 1981. The pump though retrieved after few days from the river, lost its over all efficiency and is functioning with regular and uneconomic repair and maintenance. It is apprehended that at any moment, the pumps may reach the stage of beyond repair.
  • The original capacity of the treatment plant constructed for the intermediate stage was 0.75 M.G.D.. Treatment comprises of chemical Coagulation, Flocculation, Settlement, Filltration, and Chlorination. Considering the demand of the ultimate stage of the original scheme, the plant can cater to the need of the present population of the town. The treated water is collected in the plant’s clear water reservoir of 1290 KL / 2.84 Lg capacity
  • Treated water from the plant’s clear water reservoir is again separately pumped to the reservoir located in the Govt. high school compound and overhead reservoir located at Ladthalaboh by means of 30 Hp and 75 Hp pumps respectively
  • Water is distributed to different localities of the town through a network of distribution system.


Renovation Of Jowai Water Supply Scheme:

The renovation of Jowai water supply scheme was sanctioned in the year 2003 under N.L.C.P.R.. The project is part of the continuing program by the State Government to provide water supply facility for Jowai town to keep pace with the increasing demand from population growth. The Scheme is intended to provide water supply facility benefiting an urban population of 62,000 by 2034 A.D.. The per capita rate of supply is 135 L.P.C.D. (Litres Per Capita per Day).

Project Present Status:

Laying of clear water gravity main and distribution system of the town which was taken up only after January / February 2009 is now completed with connections from the main/ zonal reservoir is only left out. Other major component of the Project viz., construction of intake well with pump house on top of the well by the bank of the River Umngot which was a time consuming component of the project due to encountering of very hard rock during excavation work, is now nearing completion. Manufacturing of the Raw Water Pumping Machineries for both Stage I and Stage II Raw Water Pumping Stations are also nearing completion and are being dispatched from Kirloskarvardi shortly. Machineries for Clear Water Pumping Station has arrived.

water pump houseManufacturing of the Raw Water Pumping MachineriesWater Pumping Stations