On Farm Trials

Serial Number Discipline Crop Enterprise Problem diagnumbersed Technology/ Social Concept Title of O.F.T. Number of trials Parameters of assessment/refinement and its data in bracket Prdn. per unit crop/
Av Net return (Rs/Ha) B:C Ratio
1. Plant Protection Rice Stem borer & leaf folder infestation 1.Use of Bio-pesticide
2.Var. Hybrid 6444
Bio control of stem borer & leaf folder in Paddy 5 New Technology
1. Numberof infected plant/hill (2numbers/9.3%)
2. Number of infected hills/sqm (3numbers/12%)
New Technology 47.2 q/Ha  36,050 2.75:1      
1.Var.Hybrid 6444 check   Farmer Practice
1. Number of infected plant/hill (8 numbers /37.20%)
2. No of infected hills/sq m (4numbers/16%)
Farmer Practice
27,790 2.38:1
2. Horticulture Tomato Absence  of wilt resistant variety Varietal trial Evaluation trial on the performance of newly introduced tomato var.  Hybrid  017 5 Technology
1.No of fruits/cluster
3. Yield (kg/pl.)
4.% infestation-15
1.54 lakh 3.86:1
    Check; Avinash-2   Farmer Practice
1 Number of fruits/cluster
2.Weight /fruit)-55g
4.% infestation-17
Farmer Practice 226q/ha 1.34 lakh 3.50:1