Major Ecological Situations

Agro Ecological Situation Farming system Soils Rainfall Altitude Principal crops/ breeds Important features Location (area), extent of area in ha.
A.E.S.-I F.S.-I
(.Agri+Hort +AH+Fishery)
Red Clay Loamy soil Very High and heavy rainfall (more than 8000 mm) Elevation (0 - 600 m msl). Paddy, areca nut, betel leaves, oranges Very steep slope (25 -33 %), rain fed. Amlarem, Khliehriat & Saipung blocks,
67.940(000 Ha)
(Agri+Hort +AH+Seri)  
Red sandy loam soil High
and heavy rainfall (less than 4000 - 8000mm)
Elevation more than 600-1200 m msl) Paddy, maize. Turmeric, ginger, mulberry, vegetables Moderately - strongly sloping ,rain fed Amlarem,Laskein, Thadlaskein, Khliehriat& Saipung Blocks, 233.57 (000 Ha)
(Agri+Hort +AH)
 Red sandy loam soil Medium and heavy rainfall (4000 - 8000mm) Elevation more 1200 m msl+ Paddy, maize, vegetables Moderately sloping, rain fed.   Laskein, Thadlaskein, Khliehriat& Saipung Blocks, 80.389 (000 Ha)