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Department Of Agriculture, West Jaintia Hills, Jowai.

The office of the District Agriculture Officer Jowai has a mission to uplift the farming community and ensure food security to one and all by implementing the various Agriculture scheme both state and central. During the year 2011-12 the department has implemented various scheme for promoting cultivation and increasing production of Paddy and Maize Crops and also scheme for area expansion of Maize and Soyabean, Land Development Scheme, RKVY Scheme, Minor Irrigation Works etc ,all with a mission to increase Area and Production of Crops.

The Agricultural Scheme encourage the Farmers to utilized their land throughout the year by growing different crops. The scheme provide the farmers with Agriculture inputs like seeds, fertilizer, organic manure P.P. Chemicals etc.

With a mission to increase more productivity of crops, besides cultivation of normal paddy crops during the Kharif Season, the Office of the District Agriculture Officer, West Jaintia Hills, Jowai has motivated the farmers to go for a second crop Cultivation, i,e Boro Paddy Cultivation And Vegetable/Potato Cultivation.

Maize cultivation both Kharif and Rabi are taken up by the farmers of the District as Maize not only provides source of income but also provides feed for animals. During the Year 2011-12 the Area covered under Kharif Maize is 220 Ha and Rabi Maize Area covered is 25 Ha.

In the Past farmers grow Paddy once a year but now the farmers have come forward to cultivate this type of Boro Paddy, as it increase the Crop Production. As yield 0f Boro Paddy is 4-5 MT Per Hectare.

In the Lower Altitude Areas Boro Paddy cultivation is taken up. This technique was done after harvest of Kharif Paddy in the same field. Boro Paddy is cultivated mostly at Umkiang, Lakroh, Hawai Bhoi, Hawai Sutnga under Khliehriat and Amlarem Sub – Division. Sowing of Paddy Seed start from the month of November – December, Transplanting of seedling during the month of February and harvesting during May / June. Harvesting of Boro Paddy at Hawai Bhoi village under Amlarem Sub – Division is very encouraging as the farmers are satisfied with the yield. It was observed that growing of Paddy twice a year give more hope for increase the Crop Production as well area in the District. The area covered for Boro Paddy during 2011-12 is 70 Ha with an average yield of 5 – 6 MT Per Hectare.

In mid altitude and high altitude, Multiple Cropping was taken up in areas where Irrigation is assured with a view to increase the Cropping system, also converting mono Cropping into double Cropping system like growing Potato and vegetables in Paddy field. This was done after harvesting of Paddy and then followed by Potato or Vegetables in the same areas. This practice were followed by the farmers of Lytang Valley, Pynthorwah, Pynthorneiñ and some area under Laskein and Thadlaskein Block and it was observed that production is more from both Paddy and Vegetables. During the Year 2011-12, area of 150 acre have been achieved. With an average yield of Cabbage 8.0 M.T Per Hectare and Potato 10.0 M.T per Hectare.