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National Science Day 2003

National Science Day is being celebrated every year on the 28th February to commemorate the discovery of the "Raman Effect" by Sir C.V. Raman for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize. The celebration is aimed at focusing attention on Indian Science & Scientists and their role in India’s development.


  1. To Observe the National Science Day with the rest of the country
  2. To inculcate a scientific temper amongst School Children
  3. To attempt at generating future scientific minded citizens of the state


The Theme for this year was: "50 yrs of D.N.A. & 25 yrs of I.V.F.".

The National Science Day 2003 was observed in the State level in the form of a "State Level Science & Environmental Fair". At the District level, the program was conducted by the District Planning Officer and was in the form of a Science Quiz, Science Essay Writing, A Science Exhibition and a popular Scientific Lecture for the School Children. All the Schools of Jowai were invited to participate in the program.

The Celebration

In Jowai it was held on the following dates at the District Library: 21st August 2003 : Essay Competition.

28th August 2003 :

  1. Quiz for Group one and two
  2. Science Exhibition for Group one
  3. Scientific Lecture by Mr B.Plain S.D.V.O., Amlarem on "I.V.F. – its importance and implications"
  4. Scientific Lecture on the "Life & Achievements of Sir C.V.Raman" by Mr S.Massar, Assistant Teacher, Government Public School, Jowai.

Prizes was also distributed to the Winning Schools.

In all Ten ( 10) Schools of Jowai participated in the celebration.

Photos of the National Science Day 2003 Celebration

 National Science Day 2003 Celebration Schools participated in the celebration

During the programme Prizes was distributed to the Winning Schools