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AGMARKNet Seminar

The Program concerned an awareness on the AGMARKNET- A Joint Venture of N.I.C. and the D.M.I., Government of India. This Seminar was held on the 2nd of May, 2003 at the D.C. Office Seminar Hall. Top

AGMARKNET an abbreviation for "Agricultural Marketing Information Network" is a Project implemented by N.I.C. and sponsored by the D.M.I. - Directorate of Marketing and Inspection- Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India which is aimed at linking all important agricultural produce markets, agricultural marketing boards and depts. of States and Union territories of India, wherein improved and technical marketing strategy is adopted.

AGMARKNET :is a key step towards globalization of Indian Agriculture. This Project aims at a nation-wide information network for speedy collection and dissemination of market information for its efficient utilization. It also aims at computerizing data on market fee, market charges, total arrivals, arrivals by agencies, prices (variety wise, quality wise), storage, dispatches with destination, method of sale, payment, sold and unsold stocks, sources of supply with destination, method of sale, market weighment, grading facilities, market personnel, market finance, development programs, infrastructure facilities, composition of Market Committees, State Marketing Boards and depts.

The Seminar was conducted and organized by N.I.C. Official, Ms.K.Olga Nongrum ( D.I.A.-B) at the Seminar Hall of the D.C. office, Jowai on the 2nd May, 2003.

The Chairperson of the Seminar was the District Horticulture Officer, Mr. M.Khonglah who took keen interest in making this Seminar a success.

Gracing the occasion also was the then Deputy Commissioner, Mr. S.F.Khongwir ( I.A.S.) who took personal interest to attend the Seminar inspite of his hectic schedule.

Attending the Seminar were the B.D.O's and E.O's of various Blocks of the District of Jaintia Hills. Other officials participating in the Seminar were the District Agriculture Officer, Mr. R.Kumar, the Representative of the Secy. of the Meghalaya State Agricultural Marketing Board, Mr. S.Shabong, the D.M.I., Senior Marketing Officer, Mr. A.K.Singh. Others present were the E.A.C's , A.D.C's of the District Administration, the District heads of various Departments and the Horticulture Office Computer Operator as well as Staffs.

Speeches on the same matter were delivered by the D.H.O., Mr. M.Khonglah, D.A.O., Mr.R.Kumar, the Representative of the Secy. of the Meghalaya State Agricultural Marketing Board, Mr. S. Shabong, the D.M.I., Senior Marketing Officer, Mr. A.K.Singh, N.I.C. Official Mrs. K. Olga Nongrum, and by Mr. Pyndap, D.I.O. N.I.C. State Unit, Shillong. To pep up the whole affair, the D.C. himself also gave a brief speech enlightening the participants on the IT revolution.

By using the latest technology, we at N.I.C. have been able to showcase the working of the AGMARKNET software, and the AGMARKNET Portal. What followed was a thorough case study of the entire software and the network to give participants the real picture showcasing the power of I.T. and Computer Systems for the Improved Marketing Strategies.

Towards the end of the Seminar, Questions were taken up to clear doubts if any. A brief discussion was what followed during Lunch and as they say : All is well that ends well.

As of now N.I.C., Jowai Officials have been able to train the D.H.O. and his Staff / Computer Operator on the working of the software. Once the report on weekly market entry is inputted to the software & output files generated, it is emailed to agmark [at] hub [dot] nic [dot] in and the same is reflected on the website www.agmarknet.nic.in, which can be accessed by anyone/anywhere with internet connection. This way people near and far can avail information regarding the market entries that will benefit them greatly in their sales & purchases. The only market covered here is the Jowai Market ( on a weekly basis).

Trial Run for the AGMARK Portal is on way. Very soon every market of the District will be covered and entry of data for the same will be possible either from the N.I.C. District Unit or the C.I.C's at the blocks. As of now data collection is on way.

PowerPoint presentation: To further understand AGMARKNET lets view the presentation.

Pictures taken during the AGMARKNET Seminar held on the 2nd of May, 2003 at the Jaintia Hills District, DC Seminar Hall ( read above for more details )


Website Link for Agmark : www.agmarknet.nic.in

Email for more information to : jowai [at] nic [dot] in